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A little background

Since I was a small child, my family has always taken vacations. We would go camping all over the state of Texas, and sometimes ventured into our bordering states, and sometimes travel for my brother's rodeo gigs. But my all-time favorite, was when I would get out of school early to take our annual road trip to New Mexico. These are times that I cherish, and I wish that we could still do this every year, but this is what really started my love for travel.

I might not have known it then, but those trips triggered something in me that would make me want to travel more and more. I love getting out and exploring new places, food, scenery, and people. These were also the times when I would draw constantly, I always had a pencil and a sketchbook on me. I loved sitting and drawing animals with my grandpa, and learning to draw people, buildings etc. Being creative has always been fun, and kind of an escape for me, where I can just sit down and create my own little world, or capture something beautiful through my lens. Drawing and creating art is what really opened my doors to more creative mediums. So every trip we would take, I would carry a camera with me (disposable ones if you can believe it!), until I was old enough to care for a little point and shoot camera. Usually I was taking pictures of my family and the accommodations, and then progressed into more interesting shots as I grew older and more accustomed to what photography was.

When I was a sophomore in High School, I got a DSLR for my birthday, and I finally started to take photography (and art) seriously, and began taking engagement photos, senior portraits, bridals, family photos, and a few weddings -- along with whatever else I fancied to photograph. I would ride my bike up and down my street, taking photos of anything that caught my eye. When I got to college, I learned a lot more about photography and art in my classes, and really grew as a person and an artist. I knew that I didn't prefer to take portraits, but it is always great practice, and an extra source of income. My true passion is to travel, and to take photos around the world, to capture people and places in their "now" moment. To expand my knowledge of the world, the people in it, and the places they live. I hope that my work portrays that passion, and I hope that everyone that visits my site enjoys it.

There will be more blog posts coming that are about certain trips. I can't wait to share some of those stories! Feel free to comment below any questions you may have, and thank you for reading :)



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